Color Blocking: Two-Tone Walls in Kids' Rooms

If you're like me and you're torn between the look of a bright, white room and a fun, colorful space for your little one, you might be a perfect candidate for the two-tone trend. It's the best of both worlds, and the only thing you need to make it happen is a good roll of painter's tape (and, of course, paint!). Here are ten of my favorite two-tone spaces to jump-start your imagination:


1. Petit Sweet Nursery
2. Timothy's Nursery
3. Nursery
4. Kiet's Nursery
5. Oliver & Sebastian's Shared Space


6. House to Home Kids' Room
7. Jotun Grey Nursery
8. Elsa's Room
9. A Room for Two
10. Scarlett Glory's Nursery

(Image credits: Monica Wang; Marie Danjou - Petit Sweet; Joni Lay for Honest to Nod; Irene Hoofs; Deborah Gordon; House to Home; Jotun; Deuce Cities Henhouse; Annily Green; Emily Cover)

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