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We have a soft spot for handmade crafts that are felted. There's something ridiculously gratifying and stress relieving about repeatedly stabbing a little ball of fluff. This mobile is made from felted balls and it's a project that you can tackle too!

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We ran across this lovely little children's room addition over in our Apartment Therapy Home Cure Flickr Pool and it couldn't make us more happy. It's full of whimsy and playfulness and best of all — love. If you're looking for a felting tutorial, you can check out this simple one over at Apartment Therapy San Francisco where they lay out step-by-step how to make a felted heart garland.

It was made from Mom and designer, Teri Dimalanta. You can find more of her creations over at Giddy Giddy, all of which are just as sweet.

(Image: Teri Dimalanta from the Apartment Therapy Home Cure Flickr Pool)

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