Handknit Aliens

Handknit Aliens

May 25, 2007

You aren't from around here, are you? Olik, in orange, is an alien, handknit and here to make friends. Just 10" tall, he squeaks if you squeeze him, but don't we all?

These charming aliens are crocheted by hand, out of 100% cotton yarn. And if orange isn't your thing, or you aren't fond of Olik, check out his alien friend, Kloon.

Lime green and ready for action, that's Kloon.

Both Olik and Kloon are from Modern Nursery, and are $36.00 each. We like their simple faces, the look of concern they both have, and the fact that between their legs, arms, and antennae, they are easy for little hands to hold.

Are there aliens in your nursery's future?

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