Handmade for Dummies: 10 Super Easy Projects

Handmade for Dummies: 10 Super Easy Projects

Allison Verdoorn
Sep 19, 2011

DIY is a dirty word for some of us. While our friends are crafty and handy, making fantastic things that live in places of honor all over their homes, every project we attempt either ends in complete failure or looking like it was created by a two year old. Well, to save a bit of face, here are 10 projects from the archives that are uncomplicated and simple but look great.

Here are 10 projects pretty much anyone can do. Some take a bit more time, but none of them require complicated steps or techniques. Good luck!


1 How to Make a New Cushion Cover from a Button Up Shirt
2 How to Make Coffee Bag Planter Pots
3 DIY Mason Jar Lantern
4 How to Make a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch for Under $4
5 How to Make Post Cards From Vintage Books


6 How to Make an Outdoor Pallet Lounger
7 How to DIY a Storage Stool from Cardboard Barrels
8 How to Make Recycled Magazine Coasters
9 How to Craft a Table Using Old Magazines
10 How to Make a Modern Cement Planter Using Packaging

(Images: Re-Nest as linked)

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