Etsy is home to all things handmade, extending even into the garden. DIY kits, seeds and starter plants and a range of ready-made options can be found under the plants and edibles section. Check below the jump for a few standout selections.

1. If you want to start a garden without giving up patio space, this vertical, framed succulent garden kit might be the solution.
Vertical Living Wall Art Kit, $60 via So Succulent 

2. For those lacking  outdoor space, this petite cactus zen garden is perfect perched atop a desk or countertop.
Mini Cactus Lost in Zen, $18 via Wendiland

3. A trio of air plants are nested inside sea urchins for a tiny garden with a seaside vibe.
Airplant Urchins, $30 via Peacocktaco

4. Recycled billboards are crafted into planters that can be used indoors or out. The urban feel and portability would work well in a city garden. 
Planter No. 12, $20 via Notty Pooch

5. This shop specializes in rare, organic and heirloom seeds, with a wide selection to choose from, and includes a guide for best results with every purchase. 
Organic Garden Seed Packs, 6 for $20 via Hollis and Hunter

6. Designed for the guerrilla gardener, these seed bombs can be tossed into a vacant lot (or your own back yard) and are designed to self propagate. Choose by region or by options such as pet friendly, wildflowers, or edibles.
Seed Bomb- West Coast, $7 via VisuaLingual

7.  These zen  Marimo moss balls are actually an algae that originates from a lake in Japan. They thrive happily with very little care — just leave them in indirect sunlight, change the water every couple of weeks, and gently swish the container from time to time. 
Zen Marimo Mini Terrarium, $7.50 via My Zen

8. While terrariums get a lot of play here on Apartment Therapy, this geometric version is a work of art. It comes with all the materials to get started, you just have to supply the plants.
Teardrop Terrarium, $95 via ABJ Glassworks

9. With packaging that feels straight out of a science lab, this single moss ball under glass makes for a perfect desktop curio. 
Mosser, $26 via The Mosser Store 

10. Instead of sending flowers to a loved one, you can send this quirky but sweet "plant-o-gram". It comes packaged with a personalized card, air plants and a vessel of your choosing.
Plant-O-Gram, $17 via Petit Beast 

(Images: as linked above)