Handmade Holidays: Lotta vs. Amy

Handmade Holidays: Lotta vs. Amy

Laure Joliet
Nov 26, 2007

Stitching Stand-off! Not only are we trying to buy handmade for the holidays but we're attempting to handmake a couple of things ourselves. We busted out the sewing machine this weekend and got started realizing quickly that we're gonna need some help. But we're torn: Lotta or Amy? Both books are on sale through Chronicle Books for 30% off plus free shipping. Do you have experience with these?

We like the look of the Lotta projects like the wall organizer and the apron but then Amy's got more things for the home like great pillows with buttons.

I'm a pretty new sewer so what do you guys think? Are you making things this year? What kinds of things? Any advice?

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