8 Colorful Handmade Patterned Lamp Shades

8 Colorful Handmade Patterned Lamp Shades

Cambria Bold
Aug 5, 2010

Has this ever happened to you? You find a fantastic vintage lamp at a flea market or thrift store with a less-than-fantastic shade. ("Granny" isn't really your look for another fifty years.) If you have handy skills, you can make your own (see #5 in this list), or you can buy one of these colorful and interesting handmade patterned lamp shades from the following sellers:

Shown above the jump, from left to right:

1 Custom shade from Lit Shades

2 The Forest Lampshade Slate with Black/Sunflower Yellow with White from MissPrint (£ 105-£ 215)

3 Block Printed Lamp Shade from HomeSweet ($90)

4 Yellow Branches Vintage Wallpaper Lamp Shade from from Draw Flowers ($137)

5 DIY Bubble Yarn Lampshade

6 Lemon Yellow Large Scroll Drum Lampshade from StudioJota (89.95)

7 Bluebird and Berry Recycled Lamp from Bird Wing Productions ($158)

8 Mermaid Lamp Shade from Lush Designs (£24.00 - £48.00)

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