We don't know what it is with kids and Band-aids, but if we leave them together unattended, the whole box will be reduced to a pile of wrappers within minutes. Kids are fascinated by boo-boos, and these gorgeous, handmade dolls are a wonderful toy to allow kids to explore hurties and ouchies (those are the proper Latin terms, by the way) in a creative and open-ended way. Did we mention that there are boy dolls, too?

Yes, they're pretty perfect, which is no surprise considering that they're designed and hand-crafted by LiEr of Ikat Bag. She sells the pattern for these sweet little patients on her website and has created a limited edition of dolls for sale complete with reversible gowns, white shorts, slippers, a sleeping bag, and a huge assortment of slings, casts, patches, and velcro bandages. Check them out now in her Etsy shop. If we'd had one of these when our kids were younger, we'd have saved a ton in used up Band-aids and faux toilet paper bandages.