Handmade plus outdoor living, what could be better? These 10 handmade planters for indoor and outdoor herbs and flowers are unique and beautiful and will add personality to your outdoor patio or interiors as you accent your space with greenery to celebrate the season. Read on for details and pricing.

10 Handmade Planters for Indoor and Outdoor Herbs and Flowers:

1 Aqua Stoneware Planter, $36.50 by Virginia Wyoming
2 Cedar Planter, $175 by SquareD Furniture
3 Sting Ray Bike Flower Pot, $49 by DELVEstudio
4 Square Red Cedar Planter Box, $20.07 by BENTwoodwork
5 Aqua Owl Box, $28 by ArtLauren

6 Modern Herb or Succulent Planter Box from Reclaimed Cedar, $31 by AndrewsReclaimed
7 Large Tuck Pot with Drainage, $40 by Pigeon Toe Ceramics
8 Urban Flower Garden with Snail and Floral Design, $38 by JulieKnowlesPottery
9 Octagonal Red Cedar Planter Box, $28.51 by BENTwoodword
10 Striped Round Concrete Planter, $60 by RoughFusion

(Images: as linked)