Hang Kids' Art from a Curtain Rod

Hang Kids' Art from a Curtain Rod

Carrie McBride
Aug 13, 2009

We love walking into someone's home and seeing their kids' artwork proudly displayed. The idea pictured above is particularly clever because the hanging clips make adding and swapping art a snap. It also allow this family to showcase a lot of drawings and paintings (one row for each child perhaps?) while still looking organized and uncluttered.

The mechanism used is actually a 3-part Ikea curtain wire system called Dignitet which consists of the wire rod ($15), corner pieces (2 x $5) and the curtain ring clips ($5) for a total of $30. Has anyone seen a similar product for folks who don't live near Ikea?

(Daniel Farmer/Sarah Kaye Representation. Via the style files)

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