Hanging Glass Terrariums: A Bubble Garden in the Sky

Hanging Glass Terrariums: A Bubble Garden in the Sky

Angie Cho
Sep 21, 2010

A cluster of hanging glass terrariums is an unexpected and lovely addition to a space. Fewer things than plants and trees remind us of the reasons we put the effort into eco-friendly lifestyle choices. I hope these micro forests bring enjoyment to your home! Read more to find out why they'd be great for yours.

Why are hanging glass terrariums great?
• Their glass surfaces catch the light and lend bright elements to a room.
• They draw the eye upward, making your space feel more expansive.
• They take up very little space.
• Green thumbs are not required. The air plants used in hanging terrariums are
   extremely low maintenance, requiring very little water and care.


1 Hanging Air Plants from Juicy Leaf. $24.95
2 Deep Green Sea Air Plant Orb from Still Lily. $40.00
3 Hanging Globe Terrariums from Hooks & Lattice. $12.95


4 Tillandsia and Echinops Globe Terrarium from Viva Flora. $25.00
5 recycled-glass-bubble-hanging-terrariums-pr-27157.html">Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Hanging Terrariums from Velocity. $68.00
6 Fly Free Caged Bird - Hanging Globe Terrarium from Doodle Birdie. $38.00

(Images as linked)

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