Hanging Music Memorabilia Without a Dorm Room Look?

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Q: My husband and I just moved in to what may become our forever home. Or at least for a really long time home. We're in our mid thirties. We've painted every room and arranged all the furniture, but we have yet to hang artwork. We have a very large, mostly open wall behind and next to our entertainment cabinet. I was inspired the other day by your post regarding the grid of album covers. My husband is a music junky and has collected many valuable music related items over the years. I especially love some of his old Rolling Stone magazines.

I was thinking about framing some of them and hanging them on that wall. What is the best way to do this so that it doesn't look like a dorm room or frat house? I like the funkiness of them and they truly represent my husband's love of music, but I also want them to look like part of the decor. I hope this makes sense... Thanks!

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Good Questions

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