Hanging Storage DIY from Woman's Day

Hanging Storage DIY from Woman's Day

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 12, 2012

One of the biggest problems for renters is avoiding putting holes in the wall. Lucky for you, this simple storage method only involves adding a single hole to your wall. Not bad for three baskets' worth of space. It's an easy project that only involves a few supplies and is perfect for those who claim to be craft-challenged, as there isn't a hot glue gun in sight. Want to see how to make it yourself?

In small bathrooms, space can be especially hard to come by. Hanging storage is a great way to use the vertical room in your new rental bath. The folks at Woman's Day show us how to tie three baskets together with twine at each corner (you could also use light chain). The top is strung up and hooked to the wall with just one c-hook, and the weight of each basket keeps it firmly in place. It's a quick trick that works in any room, but we especially love it for the bathroom where space is oh so precious.

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(Image: Aimee Herring for Woman's Day)

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