We are starting to get desperate. We have to do something with our blank walls! And we have a lot of small art, but not a lot of big art. Plus, the latest wallpaper is so beautiful and fun. So, we've been brainstorming ways to hang wallpaper in a rented apartment — without glue.

Luckily, Apartment Therapy bloggers and readers have come up with a many ideas. Now to decide on an accent wallpaper ...

• 1 Scroll-like

• 2 Bulldog clips

• 3 Poster hanger

• 4 Paste to light plywood and lead against wall

• 5 Suspend fabric from fishing line

• 6 Staple gun

• 7 Clear thumbtacks, or map tacks

For more brainstorming: Good Questions: How to Hang Temporary Accent Wallpaper

And if you've done any of these, let's see the pictures!