Hank&Cheef Handkerchiefs

Yesterday we showed you Allyson's strategy for keeping cloth handkerchiefs handy around the house so now our mission is to procure handkerchiefs. We saw a pack at our local discount store the other day - they were cheap, but also flimsy. We're considering sewing our own with some soft cotton from our stash or we might splurge on these beauties from Hank&Cheef.

What we like about these, besides the selection of pretty designs, is that they're made from 100% organic cotton, are a useful size (8.5" x 8.5" - small enough to tuck in a pocket, big enough or a round of sneezes), and we like the idea that everyone in the family could choose their own easily-identifiable design because, as close as our family is, we'd like our very own hankies thank you very much.

Hank&Cheef is a Vancouver-based company and sells their hankies individually ($5.25 CDN) or in sets (7 for $35 CDN). They have some interesting stats about the environmental benefits of cloth handkerchiefs on their website including the factoid that it takes 90 years to "grow" a box of tissues

However, ff we do decide to sew our own handkerchiefs, we like this simple tutorial from The Purl Bee.