Hannah's Quality Cool Loft

House Call

Name: Hannah
Location: Oakland, California

This 650 square foot live/work studio is located in an artisan facility in West Oakland, CA. I originally moved in because the space could easily function as both my home and work space. As my company grew and moved into a proper office, I was finally able to claim the space as my own.

Now the furnishings consist of a healthy balance of IKEA basics, vintage gems and tons of plants (over 40+ and counting!) Almost all of the pieces in the space are either used, found, or passed down, in keeping with my personal practice of keeping a low carbon footprint.

What I love most about my space is being immediately surrounded by inspiration - artwork by friends, unique decor and keepsakes from my past (i.e. the green tool box was my mother’s from college). My home was designed with quality and care in mind, while still being budget friendly.

Thanks, Hannah!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Hannah)