Happy Birthday Theo

Happy Birthday Theo

Janel Laban
Jan 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Theo, who is now two!

Holly tells us: Theo is such a little rock star! He adores playing his mini guitar, banging on his drums and dancing to his dada's iPod. Neko Case, Kid Rock and the The Traveling Wilburys are current faves--along with the always awesome Jack's Big Music Show. Current obsessions: all things monkey, bananas, choo-choos and the book "I'm a Truck" read in a Southern accent, of course.

He's getting ready for his baby brother arriving in May by patting mama's belly and saying "nice baby." And he's totally excited for his music-themed birthday party this weekend (or maybe that's his mama). Other than that, Theo is a giant sweetheart who loves to give hugs and kisses (announcing them first) to his friends, family, the kitties Rocky and Jake, and strangers at the playground. His mama and dada (Nathan) love him to bits and are so proud of their big boy.

Birthday Shout-out requests are easy: send the name, birthdate and photo of your child to nursery(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com with "Happy Birthday" in the subject line. Voila!

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