Happy Modern Art & Accessories

House Tour Roundup

Happy Modern is the coolest kid on the block. It's a way of decorating that's hip, confident, and personal. It's choosing a single, bold piece of art simply because you love it, or adding a few splashes of wild color because wild colors always cheer you up. It's getting in, getting hot, and getting out, all on your own terms. Coolest kid, indeed.

From bold art pieces to vivid accessories, here are 10 examples of art and accessories from our house tours that reflect the cool allure of being a happy mod.

Top Row:
1. Galen's Ad-hoc Apartment for the Arts
2. Krista & Zak's Philadelphia Art Hotel
3. Lisa Congdon House Tour
4. Ben & Abby's Art-Filled Treehouse
5. Rene's White-washed Art-filled Renovation

Bottom Row:
6. Jamie & Byron's Elegant Art Canvas
7. Jessie's Vintage Modern Bungalow
8. Paul's Mid-Century Modern Design Developed Over Time
9. Gene & Heidi's Colorful Art-filled Home
10. Celeste & Nicolai's Modern Art Loft

(Images: As linked above)