Modern artwork encompasses a huge number of categories, from paintings to prints, sculptures to conceptual art. We love the modern artwork in our house tours and are always excited to see a new piece — especially one that puts a smile on our faces! Here are a few picks for some happy modern art to inspire your creativity and cheer.

1. A modern splash of color — a Mini Modern Chair Painting Cluster from Kelly's Retro Artist Loft in Downtown LA. Photo by Vanessa Stump
2. Interpret as you will, but I love the little boy's face. Modern Painting by Bradley Narduzzi Rex from Hubert Gallery, as seen in Lauren Moffat's Vintage Modern Home. Photo by Liana Walker
3. This one reminds me of a long vacation. Ritz Craft Print from Screen Print Hatch Show, as seen in Amy & Corey's Sunia Home In Echo Park. Photo by Bethany Nauert
4. Fruit is sweet and simple. Happy Pear Painting from Robin & Clay's Whimsical Capitol Hill Home. Photo by Andie Powers
5. An Oil Portrait of the homeowner by Miss Bojambo, as seen in Jamie & Byron's Elegant Art Canvas. Photo by Lindsay Tella.
6. A bright Lemon Painting, painted by the homeowner, as seen in Kyle & Erin's U Street One Bedroom with a View. Photo by Kim R. McCormick
7. Smiling Portrait by artist Joan Hiller, as seen in her house tour. Photo by Leela Cyd Ross.
8. This one cracks me up. Sombrero and Kitten painting by Jason Archer, as seen in Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend. Photo by Adrienne Breaux.

(Images: as linked above).