(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
"We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential." -Ellen Goodman

Good Morning, AT readers. And Happy New Year! Let's all take the opportunity to enjoy our homes today, content with the environments we've created for ourselves...

Although New Year's Day generally marks potential for change and improvement, this day is also a chance to spend some quiet time at home, reflecting on what you love about being there. If you have the good fortune to nest a bit at home today, let us know: how does your home inspire and nurture you, provide a retreat, exhilarate you? What are your greatest successes with your home? Share below, and again, Happy New Year. (photo via Flickr)