Happier Organization: Make Over Your Filing Cabinet

Aways useful— but rarely attractive — filing cabinets are a necessary evil for organization. Think positively, though, and their boring exteriors are the perfect blank canvas for a DIY project.

Before filling my black, $10-on-Craigslist filing cabinet with old tax returns and bill stubs, I broke out the silver spray paint. I adapted the otomi-style reverse stencils from Lena Corwin's Printing By Hand to customize the boring black box. The tracing and cutting were tedious, but never before have I been able to say I love a filing cabinet.

Another way to make your filing cabinet stand out would be with decorative paper — be it wallpaper samples, maps, et cetera (Images 2 and 3). If you'd rather have the filing cabinet blend in, painting it a nicer solid color can have just as positive an impact as a pattern (Images 4 and 5).

Images: 1. Leah Moss for Apartment Therapy 2. Notebook 3. Design*Sponge 4. Size Too Small 5. Charm Home

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How to Wallpaper a Filing Cabinet

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