Harlequin Mexican Tile

Maxwell’s Daily Find 11.28.14

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Harlequin Mexican Tile

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I saw this pic at the Casamidy site (Sollano Space) and almost jumped it was so beautiful. Strong contrasting zig zag stripes behind a stove are so unusual and so sensual. Tracking down a source for the tiles, Jorge Almada, of Casamidy, told be that they are very common tiles from Dolores Hidalgo and sent me to this source, MexicanTiles.com, because they ship out of San Diego (better because the tiles are fragile).

Also called Harlequin Talavera Tiles, they come in three sizes, 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, and the pic looks like 4x4 to me. There are also many more colors, but this pic's dark blue looked most appealing to me.

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