Harry Potter Interior Design: Order of the Pheonix

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We snuck in to see the fifth HP film last night, and, being a big fan of the books, had mixed feelings. However, we generally liked the film, were impressed with the way the director dealt with an unwieldy number of pages and LOVED the interior design. Above is Dolores Umbridge's office complete with moving cats on plates, which is such a saccharine sweet assembly it either belongs in Hairspray or she's deserves to be fired. Someone here deserves an Oscar...

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Our most favorite room was Sirius' family room at 12 Grimmauld Place, where his family tree was displayed in embroidery upon all all four walls. We couldn't find a good picture and had to swipe the one above from a YouTube shot of the Order of Pheonix video game, but the idea is there. In the film, the walls are deep green and the family tree grows like ivy upon all the walls. Very Martha Stewart on steroids.

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We also really liked the tiles in the Ministry of Magic, which is, all in all, a pretty mesmerizing and a beautiful assimilation of vintage British style and contemporary thinking. Here's a big picture of the font hall with all the fireplaces.

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And lastly, did anyone see that Michiko Kakutani of the NYTimes reviewed the new book TODAY! With little explanation, she says she bought the book at a shop in midtown yesterday. With all the lawsuits against online sellers who have released the book early, we find it amazing that a physical shop in our city has the balls to do something like this.

For the record, we started the review and then stopped reading. Why spoil the fun?

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