Has Internet Speed Ever Influenced Your Home or Rental Search?


Alongside square footage, views, utility costs, and the myriad of other details that go into a house or rental hunt, a increasingly important feature is internet service. I've known some people who rely upon fast internet speeds pass over listings to "DSL-only" or reputed slow connection speeds...

As someone who works from home, I can relate to this need for speed. The average across American household is a very modest 6.6 Mbps, and even advertised upload and download speeds from providers are ballpark at best (I'm on a cable connection and I rarely see the upper numbers of their advertised speeds, and if so, only for the briefest of moments).ForRent.com

Here's an interesting infographic sent to us by ForRent.com outlining how where you live can determine how fast you upload and download online:

(Infographic provided by ForRent.com)