Hatch's Trendy Object Scavenger Hunt

Hatch's Trendy Object Scavenger Hunt

Mar 20, 2007

We laughed out loud. And then we realized we just may have to get rid of our "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster.

This past weekend Becky over at Hatch came up with the idea of a drinking game (it's been a while since we've actually heard those words) -- she suggests you take a swig of cab when you see the latest popular objects. And just what are these objects?

• Driftwood (which we're guilty of blogging here and here)
• Foo Dogs
• Antlers (here)
• Buffalo Horns
• Coral
• Moroccan Pouffe

• A Nautilus Shell
• Buddha
• Ceramic Zebra
• A poster saying either "Keep Calm and Carry On," "For Like Ever" or "Never Trust a Hippie" (here)
• Trellis Wallpaper
• C. Jere Sculpture
• Hermes Boxes

So how many do you have in your home?

Thanks, Becky!

Image: Hatch and Pieces

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