Hate Camera Neckstraps? DIY Yourself a Camera Wristlet!

Hate Camera Neckstraps? DIY Yourself a Camera Wristlet!

Gregory Han
Jan 30, 2012

Once you've equipped yourself properly in the tech department, now comes the fun stuff: accessorizing and personalizing. Earlier this month, Julienne highlighted a category of tech accessory I had not even noticed prior to her post: wristlets. Yet, here they are again...this time showing up as DIY project for accessorizing your camera, offering an optional way to carry around your shooter, so I guess these wristlets are more popular than I ever realized!

DIY minded blogger, Elizabeth Giorgi of Being Geek Chic, shares an easy weekend project for turning a small piece of fabric into an opportunity for customization and comfort in less than a hour's effort:

"Here's the thing: I hate camera straps. The whole wearing the camera over my neck always seems uncomfortable and essentially turns your chest into a camera shelf. However, I love wristlets. So, the camera wristlet was born."

You can watch the video below and also follow Liz's step-by-step instructions to follow along: DIY Weekend: Camera wristlet.

Video and photos: Elizabeth Giorgi of Being Geek Chic

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