Have You Lived With Home Decor Regrets?

Have You Lived With Home Decor Regrets?

Gregory Han
Jan 22, 2009
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AT reader Kim sent us an email about a topic she wanted to throw out to the AT community, living with home decor regrets: I've been anguishing a bit over an expensive design choice. In the end, I wish I'd gone with my first idea for a new headboard. Not because my second idea was twice as expensive, and not because I don't like the results -- it's really very comfortable and elegant...

My fickle feelings have nothing to do with the cost or the look. But as more time goes by, I find myself imagining my room styled a la idea-number-one and wish I could justify the change. I am tempted to buy some of the bedding now before it's unavailable and save it for a few years, at which time I can justify a changing the headboard -- or will have decided I like what I've got.

I also bought a rug, and although it was on sale and high quality and I love it, I'm wishing I could replace it now that I've found window treatments that i like better and clash a little with the rug.

How often does "sour grapes" happen to other readers? Or variations on this issue? And what do they do about it? Thanks!

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