Have You Taken The AT Quiz?

100808-atquiz01.jpgWhether you're joining us for the Home Cure or just feel a little all over the place in the decorating process, taking the Apartment Therapy quiz, on pages 42-44 of our book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure, can really help. So open your books...

On pages 42-44 is a simple list of questions designed to pinpoint your style and the challenges of your home. It begins by asking you your favorites in a number of categories, from actress and actor to music, tv show and restaurants and clothing designer, to help pinpoint your visual style. Then it delves into your background and your influences and finally, it asks your objectives for your home. When the Cure's complete, how would you like your friends to describe your home in 3 words? The quiz is a key component for success in the cure and worth taking once a year as your tastes and needs change and your style matures. Check out our answers to the quiz, taken almost exactly two years ago, and take the quiz yourself. See pages 44-5 of the book to discover that how you answer can tell just as much about you as what you answer. What did you learn about yourself? Feel free to share your answers and your insights in the comments.