Ecopod Home Recycling System

Ecopod Home Recycling System

Heather Blaha
Oct 17, 2007

We need to get our home recycling system under control. Thinking about adding built-in units for more storage and recycling organization, we're also considering that maybe a home recycling system is our best bet. The hold-up? One more thing to take up precious floor space. Nonetheless, this Ecopod caught our attention with its seamless design and these attributes:

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How it Works

• insert aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the top, and step on the pedal to hear the sweet sound of compaction via the patented ecostep system.
• flattened containers automatically fall into a portable pod
• pod can hold between 50-60 crushed containers and slides out for easy transfer to a curbside recycling bin.
• there's also separate area that can hold glass bottles, newspapers, plastic bags and other materials.
• built of brushed stainless steel and plastic, this BMW-designed product actually looks great in your kitchen.

Sounds pretty great. What do you use at home for organizing recycling??

The Ecopod is available from People Powered Machines for $324.

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