Heather Hollern of Quince Flowers & Events

Heather Hollern of Quince Flowers & Events

Leela Cyd
Dec 23, 2011
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Heather, the lead designer at Quince Flowers & Events, creates gorgeous arrangements exclusively from locally-grown flowers. Lucky for us in Portland, Oregon, there are a variety of plants and flora for Heather to spin into imaginative combinations. Everything this woman touches is beautiful! More photos below:

Heather has a way with nature's materials. After visiting the wholesale flower market in North Portland, it became abundantly clear that Heather is indeed a fine artist, who happens to work with plant life. She puts together disparate elements such as dogwood, moss, calle lillies, cat tails, passion flowers, succulents and even a bird's nest (and tiny eggs) all in one thematic manner. She has a gift for scale, both large and small, working with the tiniest detail such as a mini hydrangea boutineers to show-stealing center pieces that reflect the natural world.

Heather's exclusive use of locally-grown plants and flowers doesn't limit her vision in the slightest; she takes the challenge head-on, seeing what her region has to offer instead of complaining about what it doesn't. Besides, many an exotic flower can grow in a green house in Portland! Where Heather's work shines is in her unfussy, dynamic aesthetic—in Heather's creative hands, each arrangement and bouquet looks as if all the elements grew harmoniously together, she simply waved her wand and brought the creation to life.

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