Heidi's Stylish Reinvention

Heidi's Stylish Reinvention

Janel Laban
May 19, 2015

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Washington, DC
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I’ve remodeled so many aspects of my home to fit my needs and personality that it’s hard to pick just a few things that I love. Overall, my place reflects me – sometimes, I’m super classic, sometimes a little funky, and full of color pops.

I also love:

A. My Kitchen. It’s small, but it’s so functional, even for my overzealous kitchen exploits that use everything in Williams-Sonoma. I’ve hidden away fun space-savers all over the place to make my kitchen work with my love of cooking.

B. My closets. I don’t have a traditional “landing” area in my small foyer, but I built a place to put my work and gym bags so they don’t creep out to the dining/living room.

C. The colors. I mixed all the colors myself – they are all “in between” shades from Behr and Benjamin Moore. By combining a little darker on the light grey and a little brighter on the blue, I got the exact colors the colors I wanted.
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