I've long been an admirer of the screwdriver sets from London-based Elementary Design because they're a) expertly crafted, b) made with environmentally-friendly techniques, and c) beautiful to look at and hold. The wood handles are finished with pure linseed oil (no toxic stains or sealers) and fitted with solid brass ferrules, while the 6 bits are standard-sized, which means you can keep the handle and just replace the bits when you need to.

The screwdrivers can be bought individually boxed with six bits each (Philips 1/2, Pozi-driv 1/2 and Flat 5mm/6mm) from either Green Depot ($29.95), Old FaithFul Shop ($32) or Brook Farm General Store ($32) or in a double set containing both sized handles and nine bits (Philips 1/2/3, Pozi-Driv 1/2/3 and Flat 5mm/6mm/7mm) from Brook Farm General Store ($68).