Furniture & Decor Ideas for My Living Room?

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Q: I love our newly remodeled kitchen but, as soon as it was finished, I realized how much work the rest of the house needed — particularly our living space. Since I become paralyzed when it comes to picking and arranging furniture and wall decor, I thought I'd reach out for help here:

The floor plan doesn't seem to lend itself well to proper, traditional placement of the furniture. And the front door opens right in front of the only wall where it makes sense to place the TV. We do plan on eventually mounting the TV and hopefully getting a more narrow media stand. Would love any ideas on what type of furniture to buy for this room and where to place it. Would also like ideas on what to do on the large, bare wall behind the TV. We have 3 kids 5 and under so we would prefer furniture that can stand up to some wear. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!

Side note: We have tried putting the TV on the opposite wall and moving the couch so that the back of it creates a sort of entry way next to the front door but it really shrunk the space so we would prefer to keep it on the wall where it is currently.

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