Help Finding Reliable and Affordable Moving Services

Help Finding Reliable and Affordable Moving Services

Jesse Leikin
Aug 23, 2011

The month of September tends to be a big month for moving. Whether moving to college relocating for a job, or just moving to new house, these moves can range from down the street to across the country. Fortunately, if you plan to move around the corner, options like U-Haul exist for easy and affordable DIY moving. But what if you are moving across the country? What is the best way to move your stuff?

In the past we have given you tips for apartment searching, packing, and even pitfalls to avoid like "Combo Deals." However, because of the relaxed regulations in the moving industry, searching the web for a mover is not always helpful. Instead its important to turn to your social networks, twitter, and even blogs (like this one) to crowdsource information from real people.

Right now, I am in this exact situation. I am preparing to move across the country this September, and like many others out there, I need your help. I have searched Google for reasonably priced moving companies, but as I dig deeper there always seems to be the proverbial skeleton in the closet. Who thought moving a single bedroom could be so tough?

Yes if I was moving an entire house then it might be more reasonable, but what about those of us who are only moving a room or two? Is there a service that consolidates moving of people going to similar places? What tech tips and solutions do you know about? Share your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below.

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