Help Identify Tufted Velvet Swivel Chair?

Help Identify Tufted Velvet Swivel Chair?

Regina Yunghans
May 15, 2013

Q: My sister picked up this chair at a flea market. A sweaty shirtless guy had been sitting on it all day. When he began packing up at the end of the day, he sold it to her for around $30.
She didn't have a place for it so I took it. It's in fairly good condition. The velvet along the front edge is worn a bit and the veneer on the swivel base is lifting up in some areas. It is incredibly comfortable and after a really good cleaning, it's a keeper. 

The only similar chair I've found is this Edward Wormley Dumbar tufted swivel chair. I would really love help identifying it and although I'm keeping it, I'm wondering — does it have any worth? Thanks.

Sent by Kristen

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(Image: provided by Kristen)

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