Kevin Wants to Live at MSI for a Month

Kevin Wants to Live at MSI for a Month

Jason Loper
Sep 28, 2011

One of our favorite house tour participants is now a finalist in the Museum of Science and Industry's Month at the Museum. Kevin Byrne, of Kevin & Dop's Playful Uptown Loft, made it to the final round, and is now up against five others vying for the opportunity to live in the museum…

There are many reasons why Kevin would want to move out of his delightful Uptown home and into the Museum of Science and Industry. How about the chance to move out of a 900-square foot loft and into a 14-acre playground? And maybe Kevin has always wanted to live in a glass box, on display like a living mannequin. Then, of course, there's the $10,000 cash prize!

It's definitely a big endeavor - in addition to living in the museum, the person who is selected will also have limited contact with the outside world. That means no personal cell phone or Facebook updates. Eek! That would be the part that would send me over the edge!

To see what Kevin may be in for, you can check blog entries from last year's winner, Kate.

Check out Kevin's application video (he got our vote for being so darned clever and funny) on the Museum of Science and Industry website. And, really, any man who can create a pixelated Lincoln painting and who decorates with test tubes deserves to live in the museum for a month!

Image: Kevin Byrne

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