How To Cover Exposed Fluorescent Tubes?

How To Cover Exposed Fluorescent Tubes?

Regina Yunghans
May 16, 2012

Q: My partner and I are relocating to an upper in a vintage two-flat in Milwaukee's Bayview neighborhood. There is a long bank of windows in the dining room. crowned with two 3 ft. fluorescent tube fixtures installed end-to-end. (Think panoramic windows with a uni-brow of two florescent lights).

During renovation, the upholstered valances that once deflected the light and beautifully covered the sad utilitarian fixtures were mistakenly taken to the dump. (I never had the opportunity to see these "beautiful" valance boxes. ):

So, what do we do to cover these fixtures? All googling "valance" got me was an endless list of ruffled, balloon, festoon, and grandmotherly scarf valances. Please, good people, help me cover these eyesores!

Sent by Erik

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