Help Me Find Less Expensive Version of Collins Sofa?

Help Me Find Less Expensive Version of Collins Sofa?

Regina Yunghans
Mar 29, 2013

Q: I'm in love with the Collins Sofa by Restoration Hardware, but it's not really in my budget, which would ideally be less than $2000. Do Apartment Therapy readers have any ideas for a similar sofa? I like the relatively clean lines, the warm leather, the size and the fact that it is a sectional. Our apartment living room is very small, but we have a sectional this size and shape now (a cheap upholstered one which is falling apart after 5 years) and it works well for our lifestyle. Alternately, if someone can talk me into saving up $6000 for a Restoration Hardware sofa, I would like to hear your rationale for that! Thanks, guys!

Collins Sofa from Restoration Hardware

Sent by Angie

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(Image: Restoration Hardware)

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