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Q: I saw this "bouquet"-style ceiling light several times on Apartment Therapy, and fell in love with the look of perfectly spherical, exposed light bulbs. When my ceiling light broke recently, I took the chance to re-create this look on a budget. The result is less than amazing. My father-in-law, who installed it for me, said that the light bulbs would burst if they actually rested against each other, so he positioned them apart, using a metal hanger that he bent into a triangle. He also informed me that each light bulb is 60 watts, so I'm expending 180 watts to create this look, when my original fixture had a mere 13-watt CFL bulb. Now I feel like my DIY light fixture is not only not that good-looking, but also incredibly wasteful in terms of energy suckage. I would appreciate any help to make my ceiling light look better and be more energy efficient. Thanks!

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