Help! Movie Inspiration

It was 42 years ago that the Beatles played the Hollywood Bowl and that got us to thinking. The Beatles style provided such inspiration to their generation--and everyone that followed. As avid fans of both the era's style and the Beatles, we couldn't help but think of their movie, Help! and the set decor as a great example of fun mod style.

A time when surrealism influenced spare pop art colors and the whole thing was infused with a bit of humor.

In re-watching the movie, we were surprised by how current this style looks today. Obviously we're in a huge mod revival, but still, most of the scenes don't look dated and how much would we kill to have John Lennon's sunken bed and revolving bookcase, or Ringo's in-house vending machine in that amazing blue, or a white grand piano rising out of the floor...

We could go on, but we know you understand.