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Q: I am hoping your well-traveled and super savvy readers can help! We are headed on a five week France vacation in August: my husband, myself and our sons (ages 2 and 4.5 at travel time). Yes, it's a while away (14 weeks to be exact...I'm just a little excited!). We are easy-going and spending lots of time there so we don't get frazzled by a wayward-nap-causing-tantrum that gets us kicked out of the Louvre :) Two weeks in Paris, then 3 in a tiny village in Provence. What kind of baby/kid transporting gear will we need?

Our oldest can walk a great deal, but the toddler will need a restful spot. We are Ergo users — but the toddler is annoyed that he is unable to see over dad's shoulders when in backpack mode. I LOVE my UppaBaby with the board on the back, but I don't want to travel with it. I also have a PegPerego Pliko with the small step my oldest can ride on, but am wondering if it will manoeuvre on the streets there? Should we invest in a good backpack carrier? Will a crappy umbrella stroller actually suffice and I'm over-thinking it? We will probably be renting bikes somedays, but for walking around and taking the metro... French parents apparently get their kids to sit quietly and eat a varied menu at do they get around stylishly?

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