Help! My Rustic Table is Too Rustic

Help! My Rustic Table is Too Rustic

Tess Wilson
Apr 13, 2016

Q: I have received a table with reclaimed wood top made of teak. I ordered it via internet and it was delivered from Holland to Latvia so couldn't check it in the store. It looks great, but I didn't expect the tabletop surface to be that unfinished with a lot of splinters [photo below]. At least I expected these to be somehow finished to a smoother surface which still remains the rustic look. What is the best way to solve this problem while still keeping a natural rustic uneven surface—that's safe to use? -Sent by Janis

Editor: Wow. That is rustic, like, hand-hewn, 100-year-old picnic table left out in the elements-level rustic. Janis doesn't say whether this table is a dining table, coffee table, or other, so what would your advice be for any and all situations? Thanks!

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