Ideas to Help Make Our Entrance More Welcoming?

Ideas to Help Make Our Entrance More Welcoming?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 15, 2012

Q: Help! We have a plain entrance that needs love on a very limited budget. The outer door hopefully will be painted, but what do I do to the painted metal flashing around the door? (Up close it's rippling and old and quite unprofessional looking). We recently purchased this home and love it to pieces — it's our first house! I'm just so disheartened by the exterior.

The blue siding is NOT my first choice, and the windows are plain without shutters. I really want the front to pop and just scream "hey come over — really, we love everyone!" The steps need to be replaced and, we are toying with a bit of a porch before entering the sun porch. It just seems so thrown together without care or effort.

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