Holiday Giving: Thank You for Helping Us Support Public Schools

Holiday Giveaway 2011

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The Goal: To encourage 500 people to give through by December 18th
For What: Public school classrooms around the country
How Many Have Donated So Far: 287 Apartment Therapy community members and staff — which translates to 8,451 students reached and over $24,000 donated!
Why? Because it's good to give back! And if you give any amount, you could win a House Tour feature on Apartment Therapy and one of three Generation Chairs from Knoll! More details below:

Enter match code "HOLIDAY" at checkout, and gifts up to $100 will be instantly doubled!

Help Us Give Back!

This year, Apartment Therapy is celebrating the spirit of giving by partnering with for our 2011 Holiday Giveaway. Just as we're giving away something to you, you can give something back by helping us fund classroom projects around the country. Our goal is to get 500 people to donate to public school classrooms by December 16th!
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AS AN AWESOME BONUS: If you donate to through our Giving page (any amount!), you'll be entered into a drawing to win a House Tour feature on Apartment Therapy—your home, your style, photographed by us and shared with our readers. Not into sharing your home? You can also gift that feature to a very worthy friend or relative! 'Tis the season for giving, after all.

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SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS: Still haven't donated through Give any amount now through our Giving Page and you'll be eligible to win one of three Generation Chairs by Knoll (worth $840 each) - the first chair that lets you sit how you want.

Thanks to Knoll for offering this awesome incentive to our readers and supporting!

>> Check out our page now.

Enter match code "HOLIDAY" at checkout, and gifts up to $100 will be instantly doubled!


Image: Image: State Library of New South Wales, no known copyright restrictions under The Commons via Ohdeedoh