Design Advice Wanted: Help! What To Do with Stairway Landing Wall?

Design Advice Wanted: Help! What To Do with Stairway Landing Wall?

Eleanor Büsing
Mar 23, 2015
(Image credit: Eleanor Büsing)

Is there one area of your home that just stumps you? You're not happy with the way it looks, but can't think of a solution? Or maybe you can think of so many solutions that you just can't decide? I hear you. I've got one of those problems myself, and I'm hoping you can help me out with it. Warning: this post is going to be random...

My rental flat has a large wall on the stair landing, which is the first thing you see when you come in the front door. It's a bright space with a window above, and has the potential to be a huge plus, design-wise.

My old flatmate had an oversize, bold piece of original artwork here, purchased from an artist friend of hers. It was bright and eye-catching and I just loved it (unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it). It also moved with her to Copenhagen a year ago (the nerve), and I've missed it ever since. Seeing a blank white wall every day when I come home? It kinda bums me out.

Please excuse the terrible photo... it was taken long before I knew I'd be sharing it here. Trust me, this looked fantastic at night!
(Image credit: Eleanor Büsing)

At Christmas, the flatmate and I decided to put the depressing wall to use, and so created a "fairy light tree" as decor for our holiday party. Our guests loved it, and afterwards we thought about using the space as a rotating gallery of light art, and changing the design every month. But after creating a lacklustre heart for February, I admitted defeat. I mean... what basic shape says March to you?

Nice knowing ya...
(Image credit: Eleanor Büsing)

So now I'm back to square one: I want to put up something slightly more permanent, but I can't decide exactly what. It's a big wall, and none of the art I currently own really commands the space.

I love Dutch brand IXXI for large-scale art at a good price, so it's an option.
(Image credit: Eleanor Büsing)

Something affordable that comes in a flexible format, like IXXI, is an option. I used to have a collage-style IXXI by my bed, which could be added to/rearranged to suit. But the photos are personal ones, and it seems wrong to display them in a common area of a shared home.

I would love to put some neon here. I'll just call up my pal Tracey Emin then, yes?
(Image credit: NY Times)

What I've long dreamed of is to have a bold neon sign on this wall. Especially post-fairy lights, I think something light-based would work well. But as you probably know, neon does not come cheap, so I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on that decision.

So, should I:

  • Carry on with the monthly light show? Any ideas for future designs?
  • Go for something (relatively) cheap like an ixxi? A single bold image, or a collage?
  • Save up for the neon sign of my dreams?

Any other ideas? Help save me from the dreaded blank wall, AT readers!

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