Help! What's Our Best Bet for Built-In Bookshelves?

Help! What's Our Best Bet for Built-In Bookshelves?

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Q: We are planning on adding built-in bookcases to the walls on both sides of the window at the top of the stairs. We were thinking of having them go right from the edge of the wall on the right side all the way to the back wall (which is 63"). But there is an 8" wide bulkhead/chase on the left side and the window has been centered between the chase and the wall.

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So our dilemma is: do we make the built-ins the same depth on both walls and lose the symmetry or do we make the left side 8" shallower than the right side? (That would make the right side pretty deep though, and it's not a huge space.) Or do we go with a 8" deep bookcase on the left side only? I wasn't planning on having a window treatment. Or is there another solution that will make it look symmetrical and pleasing to the eye? Thanks!

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