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Q: I am having trouble with the floor plan of my apt. I'm a single mom with a young daughter and we have lived in 4 places in her short life. Finally, we are in a great place and I hope we can stay here for awhile. I'm eager to nest and make a great home for her but I'm having a block about our floor plan.

Our apt is similar to this one. My issue is the living room. I want to include a lot of bookshelf space for books (and toys), + a sofa and a couple chairs, and a small table + chairs for her and an easel. Everything I've tried out so far looks horrible. I'm fortunate that I have a lot of room but I'm just stuck. The other rooms came together with no problem... I welcome any advice/suggestions re: how to arrange the living room so it works for us and doesn't look like a bowling alley.

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