Help with Living Room "Design Dead Ends"?

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Q: We've recently started furnishing our living room (larger photos below) from scratch and need help overcoming some design dead ends. As you can see from the pics, one side of the room has a high ceiling and we have no idea what wall decor to put there. Most pieces look pretty small on such a large wall. The rest of our walls are bare too. I thought about putting a mirror above the couch to reflect some light into the room.

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Also, most of our furniture is on the opposite side of the wall where the couch is leaving the other side empty. How we can fill it up without overcrowding the room? TV won't work because it sits in the family room. We considered bookcases, but we have some Ikea bookcases in other rooms in the house already. Would a console table be too much given the coffee and side tables?

Would love to hear Apartment Therapy readers suggestions on anything we can do to spruce up the room. Thanks!

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