(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

I moved into a new apartment last week, which meant a trip to Ikea to buy new kitchen accessories, including a cutting board that needed to be sealed. I've use mineral oil in the past, but opted for herbal oil this time for a number of reasons.

Bioshield Herbal Oil #2 is plant based, made from organically grown cold-pressed linseed oil that contains no solvents or metallic dryers. Because linseed oil is considered a drying oil, it lasts longer, and does not need to be to re-applied as often as non-drying oils like mineral oil.

Upon further research, I learned I can use it to seal the kitchen table I plan to make. It's easy to spot treat stains and cuts. Just sand down the trouble area, re-apply the herbal oil, and it will level back up.

(Image: Bioshield)