Here Comes the Rain Again: Make Art That Only Appears in the Rain

We aren't very happy here in Southern California because it hasn't been raining; we're entering what is coming to be called a mega drought. So, I figured, maybe if we plan some artwork that necessitates rain, we can conjure some up. Kind of like a crafty rain dance.

The Home Depot Community forum featured this project that uses a stencil and a product called Never Wet, a Rust-Oleum product that creates a moisture repelling barrier on lots of different surfaces. You could follow this tutorial for creating some art on concrete, but since the product works on wood and masonry, too, you could even try putting it on a brick wall or a fence.

Once you spray the product over your stencil, whatever was sprayed won't absorb the water. When used on a surface that changes color when wet (like concrete, wood, or masonry), you'll see your design only when the rain falls. Or if you hit it with a hose.

It's unclear how long the artwork will last, since the product suggests to reapply the top coat once water stops beading off of it. But that might be just as well... a nice bit of family art for the season, and by next year, you can create something new.

(Image credits: Nathan Sharratt)